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Connections to Strangers

Today I attended a funeral for a man I never met. It was to honor a man my husband and in-laws knew for many years – David Myers. As I sat there, a total stranger in a room full of his family & friends, I couldn’t fight the tears. I listened to the stories they told – stories about his character, his spiritual leadership, his selflessness, his friendship, his lovable personality, his gentle spirit & commanding presence which earned the respect of all who met him. It reminded me so much of the wonderful words spoken at my own father’s funeral.

I looked at his children and recalled the feeling of that day for us – the weight of it all. I remembered that, despite that weight, we greeted everyone & maintained composure (for the most part) as if on autopilot, though inside there was nothing natural, easy, or familiar about what was going on. My heart broke for this family who just lost their patriarch.

The many similarities I saw between the Myers and the Hertzogs confirmed to me the relatability of my story. Apparently, one of Mr. Myers’ daughters kept a blog throughout his illness, and I would love to read those posts to learn more about the family’s journey. I would feel their hope. I would understand their pain. I would relate to the whole roller coaster of emotions. I would find comfort in knowing that someone else understands the emotional turbulence I experienced.

The trials of life often feel isolating, so there’s something special about feeling connected to strangers by parallel circumstances. I can’t help but believe there are others out there who would encounter the same kind of connectedness while reading “Letters To My Papa.”

I am so excited to share this story with you, and I hope & pray for the healing it may bring to readers along the way. Thank you for supporting this campaign. By doing so, YOU are helping me reach the masses!

Gratefully yours,


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